5 Ways That You Can Improve Your Home Security

There’s never been a better time to review your home security; we are truly living in troubled times and there are many ways that you can upgrade your security measures. If this is something that’s been on your mind, here are a few things you can do to beef up your residential security.

  1. Video surveillance – There’s no better deterrent than a few CCTV cameras around the property and the system will be your eyes 24/7; with an Internet connection, you can remotely view your home from any location using a mobile app and you can even operate the cameras to see everything. The cost of CCTV has dropped considerably and rather than asking a security firm for a quote, talk to your local locksmith and you’ll save a few hundred dollars.
  2. Security screens – The latest generation of security doors in Busselton are both stylish and extremely durable. Made to measure, the marine-grade stainless steel mesh is virtually impenetrable and with all the doors and windows protected, you can rest assured your home will not become a crime statistic. Google ‘security screens near me’ and that will bring up a list of local suppliers; ask a couple to quote and do check that their products are up to Australian standards.
  3. Sensor lights – If you replace your current exterior lighting with LED units, you can have them ‘motion sensored’ and any person that approaches the property will turn the lights on. This is also a safety feature (you won’t slip in the dark) and you can buy solar units that charge in the daytime. If you have a big dog, this might not be such a good idea! Not to worry, the dog will be deterrent enough!
  4. Concealed Safe – You would be surprised if you knew how many Australian homeowners have installed a small, concealed safe. If a thief were to break in, all valuable items would be in the safe and they certainly wouldn’t have the time to turn the house upside down. If you have gold as part of your investment portfolio or heirloom jewellery, these are items to store in your concealed safe, along with land deeds, passports and other important documentation.
  5. Keyless Access Control –Why not go digital for your locking? Simply issue all family members with a password that they key in as they arrive at the gate; you could go biometric and use a fingerprint scanner. Talk to your local locksmith about keyless access control systems and he can show you a range of systems, all at affordable prices.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can boost your home security, and with an uncertain future, perhaps now is the right time to do just that!