Top Interior Paint Colors for This Year

Unlike the clothing industry in which trends and fashion changes several times in the year, the architecture and interior design trends are not changing as fast.

Still, year after year, slight changes are introduced and everyone who’s redecorating, building from scratch, or is looking for ideas to create something new in their homes should be aware of the trends. See more about interior design here.

In this article, we’re going to tell you more about the trends that are present this year. All interior designers and experts in the field will tell you the same. Read on if you want to know more about these issues and what you should choose as your main color and style.

Navy blue

A lot of people prefer white for their rooms because it gives the feeling of spaciousness. However, white is pretty boring and offers no joy. This is why people often look for a substitution. Something that will more fun and still create the same effect.

Navy blue has been popular for quite some time now. It remains popular among those who want to achieve this effect. If you want to have a tiny room look bigger and till look enjoyable, choose this one!

Deep green

Deep green or avocado green is one of those colors that are really popular this year. It looks amazingly joyful and provides a feeling of staying in nature. It’s like getting back to the prehistoric habitat.

This is a warm color and everyone using it will feel cozy and comfortable at home. The only problem with it is that the room might feel smaller than it really is. It compensates for being absolutely adorable.

Black vs White

This one will never go out of style. The combination of black and white colors at the same place is always going to be popular.

Even though this year some bold interior paint colors are more popular, this combination is always preferred by people who love minimalism, simple solutions and achieving style that is always fashionable.

Punch paint

What do colors that resemble punch remind you off? Fun, right? That’s the main idea in using them in your interior designs, too. If you want to achieve this and the painting makes you feel like you’re spending time on vacation instead of being home, then this is the right choice for you.

These colors are warm and will make you feel cozy and enjoy the time spent there. Whether you’re reading a book, watching the television, or reading a book, this will make you feel happy and relaxed.


Orange is the new Black was the name of a Hollywood sitcom. It was a different story, but the orange is very popular nowadays. Of course, you can’t use this for a rustic type of home, but you can still use it for modern types.

This one is best being used in living rooms, bedrooms, and your children’s room. It is excellent for people who don’t like a boring lifestyle.


This one is popular but only for those who really feel like they are about to live a provocative life. Red is a color that is going to make your life full of fire. Only those who are really brave and like to live with the wings spread wide are going to take this.

It’s an excellent color for the bedroom where you will feel comfortable and enjoyable. It can be combined with other warm paints and make the entire room amazing.


Depending on the type of interior and the style that the person living in it prefers, you as an interior designer can choose some of these many options. See more about them here:

Not every style can take all these options. As we said, some of those who are bold can only go with modern types of interior, while the rest should stick to the classics.

People who are professionals in this field will know the difference and will know how to handle the issue. If you’re not an interior designer, make sure you find one. They will tell you what needs to be done and will give you advice on what is the best solution for your particular case.