Pros and Cons of Polycarbonate Roofing

Polycarbonate roofing is made up of a thermoplastic material that is very strong but lightweight. It can resist extremely hot and cold temperature easily. These qualities make it capable to be used in a number of applications as an efficient roofing material. Polycarbonate roofing products is basically provided by Marco roofing which includes lexan thermoclear, laserlite, ampelite fiberglass, and Solafroast.

It would be a bad decision to use polycarbonate roofing for the whole house, but this durable material is perfect to be used in other structures such as sheds, patios, deck areas, garages and conservatories. Pool covers and roofs of industrial warehouse are also usually made of polycarbonate. It is also a good option to be used in variety of outdoor stuff as it is unbreakable and indestructible.

Types of polycarbonate roofing:

There are four types of polycarbonate roof sheeting that are used for roofing. It includes solid polycarbonate sheets, multi-wall polycarbonate sheets, corrugated polycarbonate sheet and lexar modular panel. All four are highly durable and have high weather resistance. They also have a quality of UV protection in order to be protected by direct sunlight.

Pros of polycarbonate roofing:

  1. It can withstand high and low temperature. Unlike glass, polycarbonate is better to be used in buildings and other household stuff. It can tolerate heat around 270 degrees for many hours as well as thunderstorms and rain without being damaged or distorted.
  1. It is also used in the construction of police shields and bulletproof windows as it is resistant to bullets.
  1. It is very light weighted so can be easily transported and installed and has a lower labor cost.
  1. Capable enough to block UV radiations. Because of this quality, it is usually used in making overhead covers and roofs of awning of commercial buildings and sunroom. It is also used in the construction of greenhouses and plant nurseries as it protects from UV radiations.
  1. Polycarbonate is beneficial as it is unbreakable. It is so like a flexible branch which may bend but will not break. Acrylic is considered as the strongest wood due to rigidity but will breakdown if it will be flexed too much. But polycarbonate is softer and lighter and can’t be broken.
  1. Highly durable without being faded or discolour and is also damage free.
  1. Polycarbonate sheets are available in variety of ways which includes glass-like shades, opaque shade etc. They provide better covering and flexibility. Polycarbonate sheets when used for roofing can be colored or left transparent, depending on the needs of an individual.

Cons of polycarbonate roofing:

  1. Polycarbonate sheet or roofing is not scratch or marring resistant. Dent or scratch could easily be a part of polycarbonate sheet if extra care or caution would not be taken.
  1. It is expensive than other materials such as plastic and glass. It is not possible for everyone to afford polycarbonate so then, they go for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). Although it is tougher, but is not effective and heat resistant.
  1. Polycarbonate sheets are very sensitive so a great care should be taken in avoiding the substances that contains acetone, benzene or any other organic solvents.
  1. The manufacturing procedure of polycarbonate is environmentally unfriendly. It requires a high temperature and phosgene as well as chlorine during process which has a very bad impact on human health. So a great care should be taken by workers while constructing it.