5 Design Tips for a Self-Build Home

It isn’t everyone that is in a position to design their own living space and if you are planning to build your dream retirement home, design is obviously a critical factor. Working to a budget, you and a custom home builder can create a design that matches your needs, and with that in mind, here are a few design tips.

  1. Go green – Solar power is not only affordable, it is a must; the sooner we stop burning fossil fuels, the better and you can be part of the solution by going 100% solar. The Australian government will offer you a grant if you install a solar energy system in your home and with rising energy prices, now is the time to free yourself from the grip of the energy corporations.
  2. Think insulation – Talk to any of the custom home builders in Canberra about thermal and sound insulation and they can recommend a range of composite materials with high insulation properties. The roof should be designed with insulation in mind and the custom home builder has a wealth of experience, making sure you are using minimal energy.
  3. Harvesting rainwater – There are systems that capture and refine rainwater, helping you to be more self-sufficient. Talk to the builder about this and they can show you how you can effectively collect and store rainwater.
  4. Window tints – The latest generation of window tint film reduces the heat transfer, keeping your home cool in the summer, tints can also add to your privacy; search online for a local supplier, check out the product range and ask for a quote. Adding another layer on all glazed surfaces makes a big difference and for the little it costs, you should tint your windows.
  5. Stand-alone structures – Modular units can be made to measure if you want living space away from the main home, which is perfect for a home office, mancave, or kids study zone. Planning at this stage allows you to add stand-alone units at a later stage. Containers can be converted into stunning living space and the exterior can be blended with the property; if you have a growing family, designate space now and you always have the option to build when ready.

This is an exciting time in your life and choosing the right custom builder will ensure that your dream home is everything you wanted and more!

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