6 Common Roof Problems and What to Do to Sort Them

We all count on the roofs of our properties for so many different things. Warmth, shelter, dryness, protection from the elements. But they’re not a static, solid element of a property all the time, they need maintenance, and proper looking after.

Here are the 6 most common problems that can afflict your roof, and what you should do to sort them out.

Awkward Roofs

Here in NY, you often find more awkward roofs, and they require their own specialists to deal with. You can’t just employ the standard roofing contractor if you’ve got a more awkward design, or an unusual problem or damage. Make sure you find the right roofing contractors Queens, to get the job done.

Pests and Insects

One of the biggest issues that you see commonly effecting roofs is pests. I’m talking squirrels, bees, wasps, birds, rodents. There are plenty of pests and insects that can cause damage and a nuisance from your roof. Getting the right flat roofing Queens NY company out can help you deal with any insects, but pest control services can also be useful.

Snow and Weight

In winter, we can see heavy snowfall some years, which is pretty, and lovely to look at, but can represent a very real problem for roofs. The weight of fallen snow, in several layers, can be very hard on roofs. Getting the right roofing contractors Brooklyn NY can reinforce your roof, and make sure you never have any snow-related problems again.

Rain and Leakages

New York is famous for its occasional heavy rains. That represents a big problem for roofs, especially in older, less well-maintained properties. Damp can do a lot of damage to a property. Anywhere that’s warm and damp encourages mould to grow, which can be hugely unhealthy for residents.

Water doesn’t just drip down and dry, it causes steady, massive damage to a property. That’s why as soon as your roof starts leaking, it’s time to get the right roofing contractor out to get it repaired, serviced and maintained.

Plant Growth

Certain plants can grow on top of roofs and cause problems. Even if it’s not true structural damage, or serious issues, they can be incredibly unsightly and ugly to look at, and need dealing with. If your roof is sprouting plant life, you need to get the right roofing company out to take a look and do some maintenance.

Insulation Problems

Over 25% of all the heat lost in properties comes out through the roof, and that can lead to additional costs when it comes to heating a property. A quality roofing contractor can come out and insulate your roof properly, allowing you to save money on heating in future.