Pre-Winter Central Heating Maintenance: What you Should Know

The great British summer is already fading and as we move into the autumn months, this is the perfect time to turn your attention to the central heating, which has just had a holiday. Central heating or HVAC systems are incredibly complex and they do need servicing by a qualified engineer and with that in mind, here are some of the tasks that make up an annual central heating service.

  • Thermostat check – The engineer has a device that tests the accuracy of the thermostat, which is responsible for firing up the boiler; a faulty thermostat can lead to sky high energy bills.
  • Boiler – The heart of the system, the burner needs inspecting, while the outer casing is inspected for leaks and joints for corrosion. The boiler jacket is removed and if your boiler has seen better days, there is affordable boiler replacement in Teignmouth from an established family business with a great reputation.
  • Radiators – The heating engineer would request that you turn on the system 30 minutes prior to his visit and he would check the evenness of the temperature on all units. If there is air in the system, he would bleed that out using a special key.
  • Complete systems check – With the system working, the engineer can check every aspect and if there are any issues, they can quickly be resolved, ensuring that your central heating is ready for the freezing winter we expect in 2021.

Now is the ideal time to have your central heating serviced and only then can you be sure you will have a warm and cost Christmas.