Roof Care: Pre-Winter Tips from the Professionals

The roof is the most important component on any structure for obvious reasons and as we approach autumn here in the UK, this is the time for some roof maintenance.

Here are a few things to do prior to the arrival of the winter.

  • Clean out the guttering – As you probably know, the guttering is not an aesthetic add-on, rather it provides an essential escape route for excess rainwater and with the moss in Bordon, cleaning out the guttering is essential. The experts have industrial strength vacuum machines that suck up all the moss, leaves and small twigs, leaving the guttering free from obstruction.
  • Power wash the roof – If you have one of those amazing power wash machines, get the ladders out and clean the entire roof; failing that, ask a local specialist to do the job and they can also clean the driveway, pathways and patio.
  • Carry out a thorough roof inspection – Your local roofing contractor would be happy to do this and for what is costs, you will find out of there are any minor issues, which always turn into major ones. An inspection would include checking for missing or broken tiles, cleaning out the guttering and inspecting the fascia and soffit boards, while looking closely at flashing and chimney stacks.

Wait for a dry weekend and get the ladders out and prepare your roof for the coming winter by carrying out essential maintenance. This will give you peace of mind, knowing that your home is protected by a sound roof, despite the severe weather.